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Totale Refractories

World Class Refractory Monolithics

Totale Refractories

Refractory Engineering and Installation Services

Totale Refractories

Surface Protection Systems

Totale Refractories

State-of-the-art R&D

Totale Refractories

30 Plus Years of Expertise

Totale Refractories

Energy and Environment Friendly Solutions

About Us

Totale Refractories, the profound brand of PINC GROUP is one of the market leaders in refractory monolithic and precast blocks in India. With an impeccable track record of serving clients in India and abroad, for more than three decades, Totale Global Pvt Ltd is recognized as a trusted partner for high-performance refractory solutions by many industries.

Specialized in manufacturing refractory monolithics and precast pre-fired shapes, the company is also a pioneer in providing turnkey solutions in refractory engineering and installation services. The team is aligned with enlightened management philosophy, regard people as their major asset and work always at maintaining the highest possible level of communication and interpersonal relations. The management team is caring and future oriented and has sound systems & processes in place and yet they are flexible if needed to meet customers specific requirements. Totale Global Pvt Ltd.’s commitment to its ethos guarantees it gives the best, consistently in any project the company undertake.

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Company Information-Totale Refractories
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To be one among the top five organizations providing energy and environment-friendly solutions in the areas of Engineering Chemicals and Refractories in India by 2025; Globally by 2030.


To efficiently facilitate diverse methods of empowerment and professionally disseminate performance based deliverables through energy and environment friendly solutions beyond the realms of business and be committed to all stake holders and the society.

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