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Corrosion Protection Systems

Totale Refractories [TGPL] manufactures a wide range of products for Refractory Monolithics & PCPF blocks and corrosion protection systems; meeting highest quality standards as stipulated by the user industry. Our products are designed to protect industrial equipment and structures from corrosion and also from erosion.Understanding the customer’s requirements and developing suitable products to meet specific conditions experienced by them in a cost effective way, have earned the company good-will of many industries and have also resulted in repeated business from them over the years.

Corrosion Protection
Tri Sewcoat-corrosion

Tri Sewcoat

Mineral based and abrasion resistant surface treatment for sewers, storm water from hydraulic infrastructures.

Tri Sewcoat-corrosion

Tri Thermocoat

Thermal Insulation barrier coating for civil engineering infrastructure.

Tri Sewcoat-corrosion

Tri Armour

Heat and Abrasion resistant heavy duty industrial floor hardener, specially suitable for steel and other process industries, flooring applications.

Tri Sewcoat-corrosion

Tri Anchor

High Power, shrinkage compensating grout, suitable for high performance grouting application in industrial environments where temperature resistance is important in addition to other properties.

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